Chiba Education Center

Welcome to Chiba Education Center

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Chiba Education Center (CEC). The language program is intended for student who wants basic growth of language skill for communicating with Japanese speaker on the areas of purpose. Expanding business, knowing all culture ties, studying and working in Japan as well as making tour... etc
Nepal and Japan share a lot of similarities in terms of culture, religion, and even in terms of sentiment. Read More

Language Approach

Japanese is written in the mixture of hiragana, katakana and kanji. The japanese initially adopted Chinese writing script for its written language. However over time, Chinese character (kanji) were supplemented by two other types of two other types of scripts were developed. Read More

Child Education Charity Fund

A huge percent of children of primary school age do not go to school in Nepal. The main reason is, they should have to stay at home and look after their younger siblings, or go to work or numbers of unseen reasons. Especially girls stop going school because they don’t have girl friendly toilets in schools.

Due to lack of financial resources, academic institutions of rural areas are facing different problems like not having basics resources to run the school, leaking roofs, cracked walls and sometimes missing doors and windows, water and sanitation problems etc. Sometimes teachers are forced to run classes outdoors because of unsafe condition inside classroom; moreover classes are often cancelled due to leaking roofs, strong winds and cold. Read More

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and UniversitiesChiba Education Center send students to the following Colleges and Universities in Japan for further Studies.

  • • Fukuoka Kokudo-Kensetsu Technical College
  • • Yokohama International Education Academy
  • • International Study Institute, Chukyo
  • • International Study Institute, Tokyo
  • • Isi Language School, Tokyo
  • • JSL Nihon Academy, Okinawa
  • • Meisei Institute of Cybernetics, Chiba
  • • Nagano Language College, Nagano
  • • Tokyo Business and Language College, Tokyo
Documentation and Visa

Document PreperationA student should submit following documents and certificates to process Student Visa for Japan through Chiba Education Center.

  1. Photocopy of Passport
  2. P. P. Size Photo 12 Copies
  3. Academy Certificate
  4. Relation Certificate from related office
  5. Occupation Certificate from related office
  6. Yearly income letter from related office (3Yrs)
  7. Tax Clearance Certificate (Last Year)
  8. Bank balance certificate more than 25 lakhs

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Voice of Chairman

Chairman Prakash ShresthaNAMASTE / KONICHIWA
In our world of instant communication and high-speed resources, the ability to seek a foreign language has become much more necessary. In truth, in today's global market, speaking the customer's language and understanding the cultural back-ground very often makes the difference. We have many years' experiences of helping companies work through communication and cultural barriers. The training we offer allows the participants to develop skills in their target language, working in the structure...
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