Child Education Charity Fund


Child Education Charity Fund A huge percent of children of primary school age do not go to school in Nepal. The main reason is, they should have to stay at home and look after their younger siblings, or go to work or numbers of unseen reasons. Especially girls stop going school because they don’t have girl friendly toilets in schools.

Due to lack of financial resources, academic institutions of rural areas are facing different problems like not having basics resources to run the school, leaking roofs, cracked walls and sometimes missing doors and windows, water and sanitation problems etc. Sometimes teachers are forced to run classes outdoors because of unsafe condition inside classroom; moreover classes are often cancelled due to leaking roofs, strong winds and cold.

Children are walking miles to school and most discouraging thing is that they even don’t have shoes in their feet... & proper stationary good are beyond imagination.

So, we, “Chiba Education Center”, a pioneer education consultancy specialized in Japan Study, has started a charity fund named CEC Fund (Child Education Charity Fund), mainly focuses on providing a children friendly environment in schools which encourages them to go to schools by providing school materials aids for infrastructures.


The main objective of this fund is to assist and improve the welfare of the underprivileged in our society. Working area of this charity fund will mainly focuses on education sector and may work on any social sector like infrastructure building, health, literacy, women, children and old age welfare, awareness programmes, nature conservation and others.


Help to create a healthy and prosperous community.

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A little effort can make a big difference!!

Little effort from our site is not enough to bring necessary changes in our society. We are trying our best and hope for your support. Your little effort might be a big help to the needy one.

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